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Blind Obsession by Ella Frank

Blind Obsession - Ella Frank


It is Beautiful. It is Sensual. It is Brutal. It is Dark. It is Erotic. It is Tragic. It is Twisted.
And I could not put it down!

I will admit that I was really, really conflicted throughout most of the book. I couldn’t decide whether I loved or hated Phillipe and Gemma. Then, somewhere along the way my thought process went haywire and I was trying to figure out what kind of game Chantel was trying to play and I’m not even sure that was a place my mind was supposed to go.

Really, it was going in some seriously creepy, dark, twisted directions.

Ella, was that supposed to happen? Was my mind supposed to gothere?

By the end, I was convinced that I absolutely loved everyone regardless of the games they played (or didn’t) and their love, pain and loss (even possibly, their psychosis) had become my own.

The contrast between Chantel’s journal entries and Phillipe and Gemma’s interactions gave this book a few different edges. The journal entries were written almost poetically, they were just plain beautiful to read and to imagine. Phillipe and Gemma’s interactions seemed raw, harsh and brutal which was equally beautiful but in a painful way. And then you have Gemma and Chantel’s interactions (if they existed at all, which I’m still unsure of), which added another slightly twisted edge to this.

My mind is still processing this and it keeps going back to those dark, twisted places (which aren’t too bad after awhile).

Bottom Line:
This book was AWESOME. And I LOVED it.

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