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Revenge (Revenge #1) by J. Dallas

The Virgin: Revenge (Revenge #1) - J. Dallas
Well, first things first, this is short, but for being so short it did pack a punch.
I liked it. A lot. 
I'm not quite sure how to explain it.  I think there is something about the utter heartbreak and devastation that Shannon went through that just pulls at me.  It isn't gone into very deeply, but you can tell its there and you can tell it cuts her deep.  And then I can feel her desperation when she is around Drake.  That there in itself is something, this book made me feel what the character was feeling and that is not always easy to do.
Drake, oh boy, Drake.  My mind is just spinning, wondering about him and what has happened to him over the past ten years.  I really need to know what is going through his mind. I must know.  He can't be so clueless as to not know how he left her all those years ago but he acts as if she owes him some sort of explanation.  It's odd really.
Yes, this is short and it does have a cliffhanger of sorts.  It did leave me hanging, but not floundering and not without some measure of resolution to tide me over.
Do I want to read the next one?  Absolutely, the sooner the better.
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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