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Kade's Dark Embrace

Kade's Dark Embrace  - Kym Grosso

Star #1 - for my reading effort. I actually finished it, and it was painful.
Star #2 - because it had potential. Bad execution? Probably.

Yes, it had potential and that was about it. I was bored. 

The way the characters spoke just didn't feel natural. The conversations between them didn't flow very well.

From the very beginning I could feel Sydney's disdain for Kade and I guess that must've overpowered whatever love for him she developed because I just didn't see it. It seemed forced. I mean she said she loved him and she had sex with him, but saying it doesn't make it so and obviously by Sydney's own admission sex does not equal love. I was told these things but not shown them.

There were other issues too, but these were the big ones for me.