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Review: Audition (Southern Belles #1) by Amanda Heartley

Audition - Southern Belles Part 1 (Erotic Romance Series) - Amanda Heartley

This novella was ok. While I was reading it I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but in the end I did.

One of my issues with this was the use of the word "snatch". Might just be my issue but I hate that word. I can understand if a guy uses it, but I just can't see any woman referring to her lady bits as her snatch. It just put me off. Luckily, I only saw it a few times.

I spent most of this story either being pissed at Vic for being such a dick or being pissed at Annie for being so stupid.

Although there was some sex in this, I would not consider this erotic. The sex was off-putting because of the situation surrounding it.

This books redemption came in the form of the ending. It was great. I didn't expect that at all. My jaw dropped and I was laughing my ass off at the image I had conjured in my mind. And I have to admit it felt good. Payback is a bitch.

If you're looking for romance or a HEA, this isn't it. If you want something that will probably piss you off and then make you laugh, then here you go.

And I am tempted to read the next one in this series. If I do, I'll be crossing my fingers that I will not see the word snatch.

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