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Hey there Delilah...

Hey There, Delilah - M.D. Saperstein, Andria Large

I had such high hopes for this. And I ended up being disappointed.


Most books that start off with cheating spark something in me and I get pulled in by the emotions. But this didn't do that. It just didn't feel like she really cared. Not sure how to explain what I mean, but I just didn't feel it.


I found myself rolling my eyes. A lot. Every time Nick mentioned how big his junk was.

And then there was the FSOG-ish-ness. At this point I can only think of one specific example, driving the car. But there were others.


Delilah. Delilah. Delilah. She switches personalities like crazy. One minute she is shy and insecure and the next she is bold and confident and then she's back to the insecurity. Okay, if she makes the transition from insecure to confident and stays confident, but did she have to be bipolar about it?


I did like some of the banter, it was funny, quotable and relatable.


Maybe I just went in expecting too much. Eh.