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Review: Addicted To Him by Lauren Dodd

Addicted to Him - Lauren Dodd

I had a really hard time with this.


I was back and forth on it the whole time.


Cassidy's secret wasn't exactly what we were led to believe, although I was hoping it wasn't true.


And in rides Seth (white knight on a horse)... huh? Not so much.


Cassidy basically goes from one bad situation to another. Her only saving grace is her dad and stepmom, which she doesn't confide in and she really needs to.


I understand having a bad head-space. But to constantly make bad decision after bad decision after bad decision... ugh. I just don't know.


And then the ending. I don't get it. I mean I know you have to move on with your life and all, but this girl moves too fast, especially someone with the issues she supposedly has.


And then there are all the unanswered questions I have regarding Seth and this walk-of-shame chick. Not to mention, the "villains" never get any type of punishment for there actions and that pisses me off.