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Review: Law Man by Kristen Ashley

Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley

Books that you can identify with are great, but every once in a while you find that one book that hits a little too close to home. It was bound to happen sooner or later, so I'm glad it was a book that I really enjoyed.

So, lets start this off right.

Assclowns suck. 
Irresponsible assclowns suck more. 
The trailer park family of said assclowns suck the most. 

And unless you've had the unfortunate experience to have dealt with any or all of the above you cannot begin to comprehend the anxiety, panic and fear that accompany those things. That being said, I can totally identify with Mara and the whole situation.

Mitch, Mitch, Mitch. I love you and your bossy ways. Please come save me from assclowns and their trashy families. Tell me my head is stuck up my ass and love me like no one ever has before.

Yes, I pretended I was Mara. Don't judge! I like my Dream Man fantasy world and I will live here forever happily.

Anyhow, so let me just praise this book some because it was great. Kristen Ashley has a way of making me want to live in her books. Every time I read one I want to jump inside and stay. Of course there are bad things in her books, but there is always a hot alpha man ready to save the day.

I love seeing the characters from the other books and I love the girls and the friendships they create through the men.

My favorite: Elvira. I need an Elvira in my life. Super fun.

Now... onto Motorcycle Man.

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