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This hurt, but it was great.

Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower

For me this was an exceptional book. I had a couple of issues, nothing major.

My emotions ran the gamut. I was confused, pissed, elated, devastated and probably anything else you can think of.

I don't know how true to life this world is that they are living in, but while I was reading this I was in it and it was crazy.

Carmine and Haven had my heart from the beginning and despite the synopsis calling it a "sexy novel about two seventeen year olds" it didn't come off that way, thankfully. It was a great love story and a painful one.

Carmine has had everything and Haven has had nothing, but they are both just as lost as the other. Watching them find themselves and helping each other to do it was amazing.

The losses they suffer, the realizations they come to and the decisions they have to make are insane and heartbreaking.

Watching Carmine's father was confusing. I didn't know what to think of him, still don't really. But, I will say everyone in this book does whatever it is they do with a purpose, whether right or wrong, there is a purpose and in their mind it is a worthwhile one and what they do must be done.

I honestly can't wait to read the next one in this series. I can only hope that my heart and mind can handle whatever is thrown at me.

Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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