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Review: Binds by Rebecca Espinoza

Binds - Rebecca  Espinoza
This was different and interesting. I did enjoy it and am curious about the next in the series, although I had my fair share of issues.

I liked the concept and it was told fairly well. The secondary characters were great. I loved, loved, loved Jinx. And the Sugar Skull Army was awesome.

My issues were more with the main characters.

Ophelia bothered me because she was just so wimpy, and yeah, I get she was beaten down by her husband and all that, but still, once she was away from him, she could have stepped it up a bit. And I just don't understand how she didn't have even the slightest inkling of what was going on or that she had any power. Little spurts of power here and there over the years, but I suppose she just thought it was normal to not know how you got somewhere in a flash or for your drink to spontaneously spew out of your glass for no reason at all.

Spencer, umm. I just didn't know what to do with him. One minute he's sad and grieving his wife and daughter and the next he's lusting after Ophelia. Even at the end when you find out who and what everyone really is, I still didn't get him. And really, I don't like him with Ophelia.

As far as Reece, I get it. He did something horrible and has been trying to make up for it. 

The ending ties everything together but it still left me a little confused. I mean I get who is who now but I don't understand why its being kept such a secret. I suppose book 2 will have the answers, right?

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