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Fighting Love - Abby Niles

Tommy & Julie. Yeahhhhh *insert breathy sigh*...

I like them together. I was rooting for them the whole time. I melted at how sweet Tommy was toward Julie, through their whole lives. Their entire relationship since childhood just got to me.

Now they're all grown up and Julie bends over backwards for Tommy even when he's a royal fuck-up. And even when he's a royal fuck-up, he's still doing sweet shit. Frankly, I could've done without the manwhore history, 'cause if I was Julie, I don't think I could get over it. Eh, whatever.

I am glad they got it together in the end, despite Tommy's mess of a life and his worthiness issues. To be honest the whole "I'm not good enough" for you thing, got a little old.

**Side Note: To Tommy and the rest of the male species --
--"I want you"
--"No, I can't have you"
--"But I want you"
--"No, you deserve better"
--"Fuck it, I gotta have you"
--"No, I'm not good enough"
Yeah... all of that while you're working her up and then you leave her hanging. This is so not a good idea. Its enough to give a girl a complex and drive her straight into a locked room with 30 vibrators and a year's supply of batteries.

Overall I liked this okay and I may go back and read the first in this series. 'Cause, you know, how can I resist a muscled, possessive, alpha who has not a clue what the hell he wants? Nope, I can't resist it. Its a sickness.

Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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