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Raphael (Not the Ninja Turtle)

Raphael  - D.B. Reynolds

I had heard so many great things about this series so I was excited to read this.  Then, after I read it, I started wondering if everyone else read the same thing I did. (FYI, the new cover is so much better than this one)


Don't get me wrong, I liked it... well, most of it.  And the things I didn't like were mostly with details and with a certain character who confuses me and with the ending.


Raphael.  How could I not like him?  He's ruthless, he's bad-ass, he's arrogant and he's a vampire (and not the sparkly kind).  The story of how he was turned was tragic but interesting.  I would have liked a little more about his relationship with his sister.  And I couldn't help but feel like the only reason he was after Cyn was because she was a challenge.  I mean, I get it, he's an arrogant, old-as-shit vampire who is used to women throwing themselves at him and Cyn shut him down.  Poor baby.


Cyn.  Miss Conundrum.  At first I thought she was very intelligent.  I mean she has to have some smarts, right?  She's a private investigator.  But then I realized maybe her investigative and intuitive skills are lacking a bit.  Her friend, the undercover, umm... yeah.  That was kind of obvious and she had no clue until they actually arrived at the party.  Other than that, it really bugged me that the whole problem between her and Raphael (aside from the blood-drinking) was her thinking that he was finished with her because after they had sex he took a shower by himself.  That is just the strangest thought process.  Especially since her booty-call friend, who she has a purely sexual relationship with, showers with her after sex.  I'm not even sure if I'm explaining that the way I want to.  Like I said, she confuses me.


I'm just going to throw this out there because it bugged me, I read it twice to be sure.  Unless I really did completely miss a sentence or two (twice).  I think Raphael had sex with Cyn without even taking her pants off.  I tell you, that is one talented vampire.  He unbuttoned them and he unzipped them and he put his hand in them and then all of a sudden, he's in.  And by the way, who the hell has sex in the middle of a shoot-out?


And then I got to the end.  I was all "that's it, that's the ending".  I even kept tapping the page turn to see if there was more, but there wasn't.  I mean, if its going to end that way, what was the point of the story?


I know it sounds like I really didn't like it, but I did for the most part.  I liked the story-line and I liked the vampires and I'm interested in reading the next one.  I tend to find, more often than not, that the first book in a series is not as good as the subsequent books.  So I will cross my fingers and forge on.


Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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