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After the Storm - Maya Banks

You know, when I got this book in the mail (the day before its official release date) I was ecstatic.

THANK YOU, Amazon Prime! 

I controlled myself quite well, I think. I didn't toss everything else aside and dive right in. I will admit, though, that I did sit and stroke the cover for a few days. And I did have conversations with Donovan about his muscles and his gun. What can I say? The cover had me enthralled.

Donovan’s story was not what I was expecting. It lacked the high-intensity suspense that the rest of the series has. I also thought the sexual tension and chemistry between Donovan and Eve was missing. There was no build-up. They meet and he loves her. It really needed to be drawn out a little bit.

Rusty and Sean, well, their chemistry was off the charts. I’m really excited for their story, whenever it happens.

The childrens, the childrens. Let me not forget the childrens. Eve's siblings - a major redeeming quality for this one.

My biggest problem: telling me on every page that Donovan has a soft spot for women and children. Well, yes, I know this from previous books in this series. And I think that reminding me once or twice in the first quarter of the book would have been sufficient.

And some of the dialog between Donovan and Eve had me cringing. All I kept thinking was how my husband would laugh at me if I said those things or how I would laugh at him if he said them.

Was I a little disappointed? Yeah.

Did I enjoy it? Yes, but not as much as the others in the series.

Will I read the next one? Of course, and I'll have my fingers crossed that KGI goes back to the over the top, high intensity suspense that it has always been.

I think I enjoyed caressing the cover just as much if not more than the story.

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