Lost In A Book

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Ok, I just can't help myself, its just... its just... too much. (if you're offended by really weird shit you may want to avoid this)

Dicked by the Dybbuk (Monster Quickie) - Bytch Williams Butt-Blasted by the Banshee (Monster Quickie) - Bytch Williams Slammed by Santa (Banged by Famous Monsters) - Bytch Williams My Lactation Consultant is a Lesbian Werewolf (Banged by Famous Monsters) - Bytch Williams Savaged by Slenderman - Bytch Williams Bigfoot, You ARE the Father! - Bytch Williams

I mean, really, look at these. How could I not take a closer look?


The weirdness is just too good to be true.


And, I got the lesbian werewolf one for free last week, I think.  And the dybbuk one is free today...


so, guess what?  I got that too.