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Tattoos & Sexy Times! Woot!

Marked - Lauren Dane; Vivian Arend; Kit Rocha

Marked is an anthology with shorts from Lauren Dane, Vivian Arend, and Kit Rocha. And since I'm a dunce, I was halfway through the second short when I realized the common theme was tattoos. You would think that I would've caught on sooner given that the title is "Marked" and that beautiful cover. 

Even though they are all shorts they pack a huge, steamy, sexy times punch. 




With Beyond Temptation, I got to venture back into Sector 4 with the O'Kanes and I was not disappointed. Hot, tech-geek Noah and used-to-be innocent Emma find their way back to each other. Along the way things are hot and dirty and intense and dirty and well... dirty. Everything you expect from the Beyond Series and Kit Rocha. A-maz-ing!

Rocky Ride was not my first read by Vivian Arend, but it was a whole different experience this time around. I loved Mitch and Anna. Their chemistry was off the charts and it wasn't so much what they did that made it so hot (though it helped), it was the way they did it. If the Six Pack Ranch Series is as hot as this was I'll definitely being going back to read it.

Lauren Dane is new to me, but I was pleasantly surprised. All That Remains had quite a few editing issues, but it was an ARC so I let that go (although, it did make it harder to get through). At any rate, Summer, Charlie and Hatch, yeah. They were great together. Their individual relationships were what really intrigued me. I like that there is no jealousy within the triad, only outside of it. Summer is so independent and I'm glad she made Hatch work for his place back in her life. And the sexy times. Wooh! Yeah... by the time I finished this, well... lets just say my husband was a very happy man.

*copy received from authors in exchange for an honest review

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