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The Virgin: Redemption

The Virgin: Redemption - J. Dallas

Redemption picks up right where Revenge ended. Drake found Shannon in the cemetery and this is where I started losing it. The story of how her father was killed and the whole situation surrounding that was gut-wrenching and I was in tears reading that. I knew in Revenge that whatever her issues were they were big and painful and I was not wrong. 

And I did enjoy the emotional connection that Shannon and Drake share. I enjoyed Redemption but I was expecting a little more. 

My main issue was Drake's explanation for his douche-baggery all those years ago. 

Was that a shock to read? Yeah. 

Was it believable? Uh...No. 

It just doesn't jive with sexual the sexual beast he seems to be now. 

Shannon and her issues with the murderers... I'm glad she got past those somewhat, at least she decided not to let them control her life anymore. 

Although the ending makes everything seem honky-dory, it was just a little too abrupt for me. Not sure if it really was that abrupt or if it just feels that way because it might be leading into a third book? 

Overall, it was decent and if you read Revenge, you will be compelled to finish the journey and read Redemption. 

*Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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