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My heart hurt so bad

Savage Secrets (Titan) - Cristin Harber

It shouldn't be a big surprise that I've read all the books in the Titan Series and each one gets better than the last. This was no exception. Just like the other books in this series, you have your bad-ass alpha male hero and you have your bad-ass heroine. That is what sets this series apart from the rest and I love it. 

The second my eyes hit the prologue, it had me. I was in tears before I even got to Chapter 1. Seriously, what kind of book does that? An awesome one!.

So, Rocco and Caterina, could there be two people more perfect for each other? I think not! Off the charts chemistry. Their banter was flirty and amusing. I loved how they interacted. And even though they were both keeping secrets they seemed to know what each other needed. They worked so well together, personally and mission-wise. 

Cristin Harber finds a new way to surprise me with each story. I must say that I was not expecting what happened. My heart was racing, I was starting to panic and my mind was screaming, "No. This isn't going to happen. No. No. Rocco is gonna stop it. He will. This can't happen." and then it happened. I was devastated. I was bawling and it was ugly. I had to stop reading. 

When I finally started back, I thought things were getting back to a not so dark place, but then... oh, total devastation, again. I cried for Cat, I cried for Rocco, I just cried and my heart hurt, it hurt so bad. I didn't want to finish. But I knew, I just knew, like all great romance novels, there would be a happily ever after. 

And YES! It felt like a huge boulder was lifted off my chest. Thank goodness for that epilogue. If not for that I think I might still be crying. 

It's that. That crazy emotional roller-coaster that makes this so great. I love a book that can make me have all these emotions. When I finish I'm so drained, I can do nothing but reflect. I may not like all of the emotions that I feel at the time, but in the end the emotions and the books are so worth it. 

Oh... and just for the record, when they're in the car -- hottest thing ever!


-- a note of caution if you're thinking about picking this up.  There is a violent rape scene, so reader beware.


*copy received in exchange for an  honest review

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