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Fire Inside...

Fire Inside  - Kristen Ashley

So, I finally made it back to Chaos and I'm so glad I did. As far as I'm concerned, Kristen Ashley can do no wrong. When I read her books its like stepping into another world. I don't know people like this, I don't know places like this -- but I sure wish I did. 

Books are my escape, and when things are really, really tough, I can read one of KA's books and by the time I'm through I'm not feeling so bad anymore. KA is also my go to when I'm in a book slump, because I know I'll enjoy whatever it is I read from her. 

So, Hopper and Lanie... Lanie has her issues and they are understandable, I just can't believe its been 8 years. Thats a really, really long time especially trying to deal with what she's been through. And Hopper, I love, love, love Hopper. I don't necessarily agree with some of the things he said, but his gruff demeanor mixed with his gentle side hit me somewhere deep. I think because its hard to find that combination, you either get an asshole or a wuss. I need a Hopper. I really, really do. 

All the crazy drama, the back and forth, for me its relatable. And it drew me into the story even more. 

I don't even know where I'm going with this, except to say that I really did enjoy this, like I enjoy all of her books. And I can't wait to jump back into her world again.

*Copy received through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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