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Twisted  - Emma Chase

If you have not read Tangled, you should go.read.it.now. After you've done that then and only then should you venture into Twisted. 

I loved Tangled.  I laughed and smirked and grinned the whole time I was reading it.  I did not do those things while I was reading Twisted.  I was expecting to, but I just couldn't.  What did I do while I read Twisted?  Well, I frowned, I cried, I cringed, I face-palmed and I may have thrown something at the wall.

Don't take that the wrong way, though.  I liked Twisted, but in a different way.  There is such a vast difference between the two books, its like night and day... Luke and Darth... cartoons and porn.

This starts out by bringing my worst fear to life (somewhat, I know its a book).  I've always had this fear that my other half is going to be so dense one day that he will decide to do what Drew did.  Nope, not gonna tell you what he did.  Anyhow, when Drew did that, it hurt... bad.

And so begins the emotional torture-fest.  It carries through most of the book.  The characters don't know it, but, you, the reader do know that this whole torture-gasm is based on non-communication.  So much time wasted and so much heartache because they didn't talk to each other.  Thats where you might throw something at the wall. 

If you're looking for a funny, light read like Tangled, you will not get it here.  If you can handle the torture-palooza, then go for it. 

And when you're done, stay up all night and watch porn in a Darth Vader mask.

Yep.  That should bring it full circle for you. 


*Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://kumikoleilostinabook.blogspot.com/2014/04/review-twisted-tangled-2-by-emma-chase.html