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In The Stars (In The Moments Series) - Joan Duszynski

There is so much about this book I want to say, but where do I start?

Ok, I think I'm going to do this backwards and start with the not so good. Don't worry, there's not much, and I want to get it out of the way so I can talk about all the good stuff.

1. desirable - ack! Too much desirable. That word was everywhere.
2. contractions - lack of; dialogue felt a little unnatural because no one ever used contractions. (its ok though, the movie in my mind made them use contractions)
3. Eric - I would've liked to see more interaction with him throughout.
4. unfinished business - alright, there were a few scenes where things happened and they seemed like they could be important, but then it was never mentioned again.

Ok, now, lets get to the good stuff... the great stuff... the awesome stuff.

This book had me hooked within the first three chapters. 

Deranged Tara! OMG... I would so do that! I think I may have actually tried to do that once... or twice.

I'm a music person -- meaning I like music, not that I can sing or play. Most of my memories come with songs attached to them. You know, the whole "soundtrack of my life" thing. (totally off-topic, but I once asked my husband, if we were in a movie, what song would play in the background when I walked in the room... His answer: Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry -so, umm... yeah)
Anyhow, so the musical references in this book were great for me, especially when they are ones that actually are attached to some of my memories.

If you've never heard this, you must listen to it... NOW!

Seriously, this is taking me entirely too long to write... because... well, I had to watch that. It always makes me smile.

I don't know if its a Virginia thing or not, but this book just felt comfortable to me. It felt like home and I loved it for that. 

Caroline didn't talk about her Dad, she talked about her Daddy and if you're from Virginia you say it real fast so it sounds like you're saying Diddy. 

There were the weekly family dinners and the closeness with extended family that you don't see much anymore. Its familiar to me, its the way I was raised and the way I live.

The college roommate from hell. Guess what? I had one of those too. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that its relate-able to me on many levels.

I did find myself wondering which college they were at and what town they lived in. Duh! I have to know where the hot cops and physical therapists reside.

The story itself, who hasn't been there? Unsure and torn. Young, hormonal and confused.

And the naughty parts... Oooh... they were naughty, I specifically like the ones toward the end.

And then you have two great big pieces of man candy... even if I think one is slightly psycho-stalkerish, he's still nice to look at.

At any rate, let me try to put this into a little better perspective because I'm starting to think everything up there is a bit all over the place.

This book felt like an old friend. Like the whole story is a private joke between me and them and it doesn't matter who else reads it, the only ones who will get it are us.

That being said, I can't wait for In The Now. I'll have another private joke to share with a new "old friend".

*Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review.

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